Financial Events for All proudly brings you the best events from around the world. We find the best events from the most trusted organisations and put them all together right here so you don’t need to look for them. We hope that you find this helpful and that you will be able to attend one or more at your convenience.

October Events

Global Financial and Business Week – October 23rd to 27th

London Prime Hotel and Conference Centre (London, England)

This is a week-long event that brings together the best and brightest in the field. Speakers from all over the world can be heard and seen. This is an invaluable experience that any finance professional or business owner will benefit from. Visit the event website for costs and bookings.

Startup Finance Workshop and Networking Event – October 28th

Protea Hotel and Conference Centre (Cape Town, South Africa)

World-renowned speaker JT Foxx and other will be speaking about financial independence and how to get your business started. You can expect a lot of great advice and opportunities to work with the world’s greatest and wealthiest.

November Events

US Business Finance Reports and Statistics – November 11th to 12th

New York Fie and Ice Hotel (New York, USA)

The United States experts offer some insight into the business and financial stats and growth of local businesses. They also do comparisons in collaboration with other countries. The purpose of this event is to stimulate debate and ideas to improve the financial situation of businesses in the US.

Finance Live Workshop for Kids – November 25th

Regent Hotel (Lisbon, Portugal)

If you are in or near Lisbon at the end of November, take your kids to this fantastic event. Local finance masters and businessmen have developed a child-friendly course to help children who have big dreams to start realising those and get a head start.