Best Financial Advice Speakers that Will Change Your Life

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Where do you look for inspiration or guidance when you need to grow your business or learn more about financial management of your business? If you don’t have an answer to that yet, we can help you. Today, we feature some of the world’s greatest speakers when it comes to finance, business, and investment. Find their speeches online and you will understand why they are on this list. They have invaluable knowledge and experience to share, so start following them.

Suze Orman

Suze Orman is a household name no matter where you live. People from Africa and Europe know her work and follow her advice. She is one America’s most powerful speakers when it comes to personal finance.

Duncan MacPherson

Duncan MacPherson is a passionate speaker that specializes in improving client relationships. He is a financial advisor and coach to many businesses. He has helped thousands to solve their problems and work more efficiently.

Adam Shaw

Adam Shaw is a well-known name and face in the UK. He is the presenter of BBC One’s Panorama and a successful journalist. He has insight and experience about finances that you definitely want to hear.

Adit Jain

Adit Jain is from India and a world-renowned keynote speaker. He is an expert on emerging markets and can shed light in strategies and projections that could help your business.

All of these speakers will change the way you think and look at business and finances. You can find some of their insights on their websites and also on country-specific speaker pages. You can even hire them to speak at an event or your business. It is very important to learn from those who have already been through the process that you are just starting.

Top Business and Finance Events in the World that Successful People Won’t Miss

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Events surrounding the fields of business, entrepreneurship, and finance tend to overlap. You will find reference to all of these at any conference. So, today we made a list of some of the most popular and greatest events that any business professional should attend. If you are truly looking to succeed and network like a pro, then you cannot miss these events.

1. Startup Grind Global Conference – California

This event takes place in California during February. It is one of the most attended events in the world and for good reason. The speakers and topics are of the best quality and you will get to listen to some of the world’s most successful and wealthiest entrepreneurs and business owners.

2. The Human Gathering – California

This event took place in April of 2017 and is invitation-only. It is a huge event and if you’re not invited, you need to find out how to get on the list. Business leaders, investors, and world famous industry leaders speak at this event and are interviewed to share their secrets to success. In 2017, the people on stage included Randy Jackson from American Idol, Sheri Salata from the Oprah Winfrey Project, and Justin Kan from Twitch. To make it even better, the proceeds from this event go to charity.

3. GrowCo – Los Angeles

If you are in LA when this event takes place, you need to clear your schedule. It is one of the best events to attend to network and learn more about growing your business and profits. Investors, directors, business owners, and more all gather here to learn from the best and each other. You can expect a prestigious and inspiring line-up.

There are much more great events from Japan to Portugal to Arizona. Attending these events are great opportunities for growth and learning and you should find the ones near you. The things you will learn and the people you will meet makes for an experience you don’t want to miss.

Why Must Business and Financial Professionals Attend Finance Workshops and Events?

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As a business or financial professional you should know that learning never stops. If you don’t continue to learn about your field and related fields, you will not be able to grow or reach new heights in your business. Continuous learning and improving is a necessity if you want to be and keep being successful.

For these reasons, it shouldn’t be a question of why you should attend conferences and events, but when is the next one. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why attending these financial and business events are beneficial.

You get the opportunity to network. Networking is a very important part of being successful in any business. This is also true for business and finance. Seminars, workshops, and other financial events can get you into contact with the people who can take your business or yourself to the next level. You never know who you may meet at these events and you will always walk away with new contacts and new ideas from other professionals.

You have the opportunity for recertification credits. The finance field is one where professionals are continually required to recertify and keep getting experience to continue practising in their field. These events help you to add credits and stay current and involved. It is a good way to ensure that you remain secure within your qualifications and certifications.

You get to learn new things. One of the best things about conferences, seminars and similar events is the learning opportunities. People have amazing minds and the leaders in the field have so much advice and new developments to share. If you attend these events and stay on top of what the newest developments and strategies are, you are bound to have success.

You will learn what competitors are doing. If you are still new in the field or find yourself in a very competitive field, you will benefit from these events. Many speakers offer insights into what the top companies are doing and why they are so successful. You can also learn from the big guns themselves through networking.

Clearly, financial and business events are not to be missed. If you don’t attend these types of events you and your company will remain in the minor leagues and struggle to move forward. So, invest and plan for these events and ensure that you stay in the competition.